• our commitment to the factory
  • Our commitment to quality
  • The process of manufacturing our products

Our commitment to the factory


Our manufacturing factory is located at the foot of the northern Japan Alps in the Shinshu (Nagano) region, which is rich in nature.
In this factory, we use clean, natural water flowing one hundred meters below ground in the Alps as the raw material for our products.

The location based on our product concept

We are particular about factory facilities and the environment in order to create high-quality natural cosmetics.
Because we manufacture products using the blessings of nature,
we built the factory at the foot of the northern Japan Alps in the Shinshu region with the hope of being friendly to nature.
It was commended as an excellent factory promoting greening by the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center in 2007.

The working environment where employees can work comfortably feeling the ideas of La CASTA.

La CASTA Natural Healing Garden made on the premise of the factory
provides a comfortable healing space under the theme of “the vital and healing powers of plants”.
This is based on the idea that the working environment where employees can feel the idea of our brand concept and can work comfortably
with a rich spirit is important to manufacture good-quality products.
We hope that the visitors to the garden can experience our brand concept.

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Our commitment to quality


We provide the best quality and comfort through research and development capabilities and manufacturing technology
based on our solid experience in studying hair and skin since our establishment.

Research and Development based on our experience

Through our research and development and manufacturing technology based on our solid experience,
we have developed human- and environment-friendly prescriptions to create natural and original products made from organic plant components.

To provide high-quality natural water from the northern Japan Alps so that you can be proud of your hair and skin

Water, accounting for more than approximately 70 percent of our bodies,
is the base material for cosmetic products and affects their quality.
As a result of searching for the ideal water,
we selected the natural water of the northern Japan Alps as one of the best 100 natural water sources in Japan.
This mild, soft water is clean snow meltwater flowing one hundred meters below the ground in a water vein.
The water soaks well into the hair and skin and contains a proper balance of minerals that the body needs.
We use no other water than this natural water in our products.

The process of manufacturing our products


We conduct quality assurance-related operations from raw material acceptance
to manufacturing, quality inspection, filling, packaging, finished goods inspection, and shipment.

Step1Accepting raw materials

Acceptance inspection of raw materials

The appearance and color coordination of raw materials
and the print and appearance of other materials,
such as containers, are inspected.

Step2Manufacturing the content

Manufacturing of bulk product

Raw materials are mixed, heated, cooled, and filtered to make bulk product.

Step3Quality inspection

Quality inspection of bulk product

Inspection of viscosity, smell, color tone, pH level, and existence of microorganisms.

Step4Packing into containers

Filling and packaging

Filling into predetermined containers and packaging with fancy box,
inner box and outer package.

Step5Product inspection

Inspection of finished products

Visual inspection of external appearance,amount of product
filled and condition of packages as well as inspection of the existence of microorganisms

Step6Product inspection


Products are shipped after being picked out for specific clients
and customers and packed separately.

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