Frequently Asked Questions


Questions related to products

  • How can I get information on your products?
  • For more information, please visit the websites of respective product brands.
    La CASTA  La CASTA Professional  Maggie Tisserand
    *Japanese version only
  • Where can I buy your products?
  • La CASTA brand products can be purchased at our La CASTA directly managed store, official website, and stores handling such products.
    For information on the stores that carry Maggie Tissrand products, please click “Stores Handling Maggie Tissrand Products” on this website.
    La CASTA Professional line of products are sold only in hair salons.For information on hair salons that carry La CASTA Professional brand products, please refer to 《the list of hair salons handling La CASTA Professional brand products》 on the website of La CASTA brand.
    *The La CASTA Professional line of products cannot be purchased via mail order.
    *International shipping is not available.

Questions related to the garden

  • Is entry into the garden by advance reservation only?
  • Yes, reservations must be made the previous day.
    Reservations can be made by telephone or via the website. Click here for details.
  • When is the garden closed?
  • The garden is closed every Wednesday. If a national holiday falls on a Wednesday, the following day becomes a holiday.
  • Is there any place to eat in the garden?
  • We serve no foods in the garden but there is a cafe where you can enjoy herbal teas and cookies.
  • Where is the garden?
  • The guide map around the garden can be found on the website.Click here for details.
    When you get close to the garden, please call—we will give instructions on how to get here.
    La CASTA Natural Healing Garden +81-261-23-3911 Operating hours: From 9:00 to 17:00
  • Do I need to make reservations to participate in the fragrance workshop?
  • No, you do not need a reservation. You can participate in the workshop at any time when you become interested in it while touring the factory. Please ask our staff at the fragrance workshop or showroom.

Questions related to cosmetics

  • What are essential oils?
  • Please refer to the Aromatherapy Guide.
    *Japanese version only
  • How are essential oils made?
  • Many people tend to think that essential oils as similar to plant oil, but essential oils are not oil.
    Essential oils are one hundred percent natural fragrance components that are completely different from oils and fats derived from plants such as olive oil and almond oil.
  • Can I apply essential oils directly to the skin?
  • Since essential oils are highly concentrated, one should not apply them directly to the skin or drink them. (In rare cases, some specialists abroad may advise ingesting essential oils orally. However, it is not recommended in the case of home care). Please dilute essential oils with plant oil.
  • Can I use essential oils with small children?
  • Infants below the age of three are recommended not to smell essential oils, which can be used only as a room fragrance. Even for children three and older, it is recommended to use smaller amounts and lower concentrations of essential oils than for adults when using essential oils for aroma baths and massages.
    - Children between three and seven years old can use approximately 1/4 of the amount of essential oils for adults, starting from about 1/10 of the amount for adults.
    - Children between seven and fourteen years old can use approximately 2/3 of the amount of essential oils for adults.
  • Can pregnant women use essential oils?
  • Comfortable scents are very effective in helping pregnant women relax. However, the physical condition during pregnancy will vary among different individuals. For aromatherapy during pregnancy, it is important to consider the physical condition carefully and consult a doctor or specialist if there is a concern.
  • I think the lavender essential oil that I bought this time has a different scent from what I bought before...
  • Lavender essential oils are extracted from lavender flowers harvested from extensive lavender fields around July every year. Therefore, the scent of lavender flowers varies depending on the climate for the year when the lavender raw materials were harvested as well as the soil of the fields, even if the origin and variety are the same. In addition, the scent also varies among extraction lots. Such differences in scent are inevitable due to the natural property unless the scent is adjusted artificially.
  • How long is the expiry period of essential oils?
  • Essential oils start to oxidize from the moment they are extracted. The oxidation rate differs substantially depending on the state of preservation, but we recommend using the product within a year of first opening the bottle. In addition, citrus essential oils oxidize faster than other types of essential oils, so their fresh scents can be enjoyed only for about six months after opening the bottle. Therefore, we recommend using them as soon as possible. After opening the bottle, be sure to close the lid tightly and store in a cool dark place avoiding direct sunlight, high temperatures, and humidity.However, essential oils can still be used even after the six months or year after opening the bottle. Since you can enjoy the scent as long as it is not extremely deteriorated or weak, please check the scent each time before use.
  • Is any raw material as an antiseptic used?
  • We use such raw materials for our products if appropriate in order to maintain quality as a result of product tests. Considering the climate (high temperature and humidity) in Japan and the places where the products are used (such as the bathroom), they are susceptible to bacteria and mold. We use only the minimum amount of such raw material, carefully considering the environment where customers use our products.
  • Can I apply massage oil to other parts of the body?
  • Basically, we recommend applying massage oils to specific parts of the body. However, body massage oils are prepared for application to any parts of the body from the neck down according to the purpose.

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