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About La CASTA Natural Healing Garden

About Garden

La CASTA Natural Healing Garden is a place of beauty
and healing making use of the vital healing powers of plants that is the concept of the La CASTA brand.
We built this as a garden for the five senses in the hope that the visitors to this garden
will have healthier and more beautiful mind and body.
In the garden bright with sunshine filtered through the trees,
feel yourself becoming more alive, beautiful,
and radiant while wrapped in the scent of beautiful flowers and trees of the four seasons.


Stop to take a close look at beautiful flowers and
their unique characteristics.
An impression made by such small plants
will lead to a world of beauty and healing.


The scent of flowers, trees, and grasses
will wrap you gently in a pleasant sense of peace and comfort.


Touch your favorite flowers.
Go back to a beautifully shining and spiritually rich self.


Transparent songs of birds, the sound of clean springwater, and the four seasons—everything will heal you as comfortable music.


Take a deep breath and enjoy the natural energy.
Your whole body will feel better from the inside.

A video of the garden

Enjoy the atmosphere of this garden in the short video.

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