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In the factory, healing spaces are available for visitors such as the workshop and showroom.

Fragrance Workshop (on the second floor of the factory)

We have the Fragrance Workshop based on aromatherapy where you can make your own fragrance.
You can select your favorite natural herbal and fruit scents to make your own product that you can take home.

Oil Toilette
Oil toilette is a jojoba oil-based fragrant oil containing your favorite essential oils.
Please put it on the wrist and enjoy as an original toilette.
Bath Oil
This is a milky bath oil that turns white when poured into a hot bath.
The scent you made will gently heal the mind and body.
Fragrance Mist
This is a spray-type room fragrance with which you can enjoy the scents of herbs, fruits, and flowers.
A single spray of this fragrance will fill a room with the mild scent of plants.
Time required:
Approximately 20 minutes
1,000 yen (including tax)
  • *Items may change for certain reasons.
  • Please refrain from taking photos and videos of the processes during the workshop.

Showroom (on the second floor of the factory)

Natural cosmetics we manufacture make most of the idea of aromatherapy, and a wide variety of essential oils are displayed and sold.

Observation Room (on the third and fourth floors of the factory)

The Observation Room is located on the third and fourth floors of the factory overlooking an exceptionally beautiful full view of the garden. It commands a spectacular view of the peaks of the northern Japan Alps and a spacious country view of Azumino to the south.

Cafe (A square in the garden)

In the Cafe, we serve delicious special herbal teas and locally produced fruit juices (charge). Please have a relaxing teatime surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers.


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