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About Alpen Rose


Turning our respect to nature into natural cosmetics

The vital healing powers of plants

La CASTA Factory

Alpen Rose Corporation manufactures and sells natural cosmetics
created from organic plants with the concept of “the vital healing powers of plants.”
In our factory in Omachi-shi, Nagano, at the foot of the northern Japan Alps,
we use no other water than clean, natural water flowing one hundred meters below ground for manufacturing products.
In addition, it is open to the public as a green factory equipped with green garden so that visitors can feel the vital and healing powers of plants while viewing flowers and plants of all four seasons.

Business lineup


We manufacture and sell hair, skin, and body care products, as well as essential oils.

Manufacturing Division

Manufacture of natural cosmetics and essential oils

Sales Division

Nature Business Division

Wholesale distribution of natural cosmetics incorporating the powers of organic plants and natural aromas,
and operation of directly-managed stores

Professional Business Division

The wholesale distribution of La CASTA products for professionals (hair salons) as well as the offer of technical lesson.

Garden Division

The garden of beauty and healing felt with five senses
Operation of Natural Healing Garden

For healthy and beautiful mind and body

Our La CASTA Natural Healing Garden is a garden of beauty and healing making the best use of the concept of ⟨⟨ La CASTA ⟩⟩ brand products, that are our main products, of the vital and healing powers of plants. This garden that is aimed at being the garden felt with five senses rather than the garden for viewing is open to the public.

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